Learning Objectives

  • Make a case for investment in digital marketing by recognising the success factors for scoping a digital marketing strategy.
  • Create a digital SWOT using RACE, then structure a plan using SOSTAC® and RACE Planning frameworks.
  • Review your current digital marketing capabilities and benchmark competitors using RACE.
  • Set SMART objectives and forecast your return on investment.
  • Implement the vision for digital channel transformation through prioritising investments in paid, owned and earned media.
  • Define audience personas, customer journeys and digital value proposition.
  • Prioritise investments in digital customer experience and the supporting Martech stack.
  • Assess team and management structure and align resources for change management during digital transformation.
  • Deploy a 90-day planning optimisation approach for always-on investments.
  • Create a RACE dashboard for digital reporting incorporating Google Analytics goals.

How is the Learning Path structured?

The Learning Path is separated into these topics and modules:

Topic 1: Opportunities of digital marketing

  • Digital strategy success factors
  • Making the business case for investment in digital marketing

Topic 2: Structure digital plans

  • Structure a plan using SOSTAC®
  • Structure a plan using the RACE Planning framework
  • How to structure a campaign plan

Topic 3: Situation analysis

  • Create a digital SWOT using RACE
  • Define audience personas
  • Assess audience customer journeys
  • Competitor benchmarking with RACE
  • Capability maturity review

Topic 4:  Set objectives and control

  • Set digital marketing goals and objectives
  • Forecast results and ROI for digital marketing activities
  • Set vision for digital transformation

Topic 5: Set Digital Strategy

  • Set strategic digital priorities
  • Digital segmentation and targeting
  • Define Digital Value Proposition

Topic 6: Select tactics

  • Define content marketing strategy
  • Select search marketing investment
  • Select media investments
  • Influencer marketing
  • Improve digital customer experience
  • Review Martech stack investment

Topic 7: Select actions

  • Define resources and team structure
  • Manage change for digital transformation

Topic 8: Control

  • Deploy 90-day planning
  • Defining Google Analytics goals
  • Create a digital marketing reporting dashboard

Topic 9: Employee development

  • Developing your skills with Smart Insights
  • Developing your team members with Smart Insights

Roles who will find this Learning Path useful

  • Managers responsible for increasing the contribution of digital channels in their organisation, including Digital Director and digital marketing managers
  • Heads of marketing including CMO, VP of Marketing, Chief Customer Officer, and Marketing Director
  • Consultants or agency account managers working with larger organisations