How to Motivate Your Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing strategies are essential for successful company ROI. Even with the best team in the industry, your efforts can fall short if your team isn’t motivated to create. A fully engaged and motivated team can make marketing magic happen for your company.

Traditional wisdom says to turn to assessments for motivation. Personal and team assessment have their place, but for today’s workforce, you need something more to motivate them. So, how do you encourage teamwork, engagement, creativity, and productivity?

Provide Recognition and Rewards

Many employers think a quarterly or annual review is enough feedback to inspire their staff to continue to do their best work. However, regularly recognising personal or team efforts can provide more consistent motivation. You could consider offering something of value to the team member along with verbal praise. Free coffee from the local coffee shop for a month for your top performer, for example.

Have a Sports & Social Society

Many companies organise sports or team building activities through a work society, where employees can pay a small amount each year to cover the costs. This could include kayaking, hiking, go-karting, etc. Take a survey and see whether your employees would like the option of a Sports & Social Society.

Provide a Sense of Ownership

Have you considered how much responsibility you allow your team? When your team has a greater sense of responsibility, they feel a sense of ownership over what they are doing. That sense of ownership can lead to more creative solutions and skills that lead to greater productivity in the future.

Persuade with Benefits

Some employees are motivated by benefits. However, you should carefully consider which benefits you will offer. Use your knowledge of your team and the things they find important to decide which benefits will be the greatest motivators. Some ideas are:

  • A chance to travel—perhaps offer an all-expenses paid trip to a marketing conference or a conference specific to the company’s industry.
  • Paid time off—occasionally, productivity dwindles because team members are over-tired. They aren’t taking time off often because they can’t afford to be without pay while not working, so if you offer paid time off, they might take much-needed rest and become more productive.
  • In-house childcare—if many of your marketing team members have young families, it could be time to consider offering onsite childcare. Having their children cared for can be a great stress relief, leading to greater productivity.
  • Onsite gym or a gym membership—offering membership to a gym, whether onsite or off, lets employees know you care about their overall well-being. That consideration can lead them to greater productivity in the office.

Plan for Employee Growth

Most employees accept offers of employment expecting to receive additional training in developing their skills. Many employees who don’t feel that their personal development is a priority don’t stay with the company long. Regardless of whether you expect the person to remain with your company long-term, imparting skills that help them advance in their career is a good management approach.

Plant a Sense of Pride

Employees who feel valued at work and enjoy going to work are more engaged and, therefore, more productive. When employees want to go to work daily, they feel pride in what they do. You can help instil that sense of pride by supporting a work-life balance, helping facilitate success, and creating a sense of community.

Key Takeaway

Keeping your digital marketing team motivated is key to their success and productivity. If you want to learn more about creating a highly motivated, productive digital marketing team, consider digital marketing education through our Academy. Visit our Academy page to learn how our Team can help you.

Patrick Fox