How To Determine If Your Marketing Team Is Under-Resourced (And What You Can Do About It)

The marketing team is one of the most valuable assets in the modern business. Unfortunately, they often go without more often than other teams and you might not even realize that your own team is missing out on valuable resources. Fortunately, if you are willing to take the time to do a little personnel and team inventory, you will be able to find where things are lacking and make the necessary changes.

One of the best resources is eLearning. There are training resources out there designed to help improve marketing teams of all sizes, and they come in all kinds of packages and price ranges. When you invest in training your staff and providing them with better resources, you’ll reward your business with increased leads and better marketing results.

How to Determine if Your Marketing Team is Missing the Mark

If your marketing team isn’t getting the attention that they need, it will impact several areas of your business. Take the time to review their operations, check analytics and other reports, and see what their deliverables and success rates look like. You might already have gotten a heads-up that things are lacking and are now trying to determine what steps to take next, or you might just be taking a standard inventory to make sure that nothing needs attention.

If you are lacking growth, seeing a loss of business, or even noticing that marketing campaigns aren’t delivering the type of ROIs that you had in mind, that could be a sign that something is missing. The good news is that even if you have the smallest collection of available resources, you have more today than you think—online training and eLearning resources.

Take Steps to Improve Your Team and Their Tools

Speaking of improvement, one of the biggest reasons marketing teams are falling behind is because there is no formal training or learning offered in their job to help them grow and continue to develop in their position. Your marketing team can’t stay stagnant forever—and the best way to ensure that they’re not falling behind is to invest in the resources and training that they need.

eLearning and online training make it easy for you to keep everyone up to date on the world of digital marketing even if you have limited resources and can’t afford high-end custom training programs. You can get a personalized learning plan for your employees without breaking the bank and that can empower everyone to feel more valued and better prepared.

Partner with Emarkable for Live Training and Educational Resources

Emarkable has been offering marketing solutions for over a decade, and we felt it only necessary that we should create a learning resource for our peers, colleagues, partners, clients, neighbours, and others. With our new Emarkable Academy, we ensure that your marketing team is ready for whatever comes their way, no matter what kind of resources you currently have.

We’ll help you step up your marketing game and train your team in the best ways so that they are future-ready, no matter what your business brings

Patrick Fox