How To Know If Your Digital Marketing Is Outdated (And What You Can Do About It)

Updating your business is a critical part of growth and progress. Like any other part of your operations, your digital marketing strategy needs to be up to date and on point with current trends. If you are constantly looking to improve your marketing strategy, you won’t have this concern. However, some small companies feel that they don’t have access to the same level of resources as larger operations with bigger budgets.

That’s not the case, thanks to online eLearning and training resources. You can now update your team on modern digital marketing best practices and prepare them for the future in several small, but meaningful ways.

1. Check for Freshness

The first and most important part of your process will be to see where your current digital marketing efforts stand. Are you using the same marketing practices that you learned when you started with the company 10 years ago? Do you have people who are still trying to use old marketing trends that are now kaput, thanks to things like local SEO and social media marketing?

You have to be sure that your digital marketing is current, relevant, and on-trend. It also has to produce results, of course, so you’ll want to monitor analytics and make sure that you get the most out of your efforts. If you feel like your marketing needs a hand, you’re not far from help. Take the time to make sure that you don’t have:

  • Overuse of keywords
  • Desktop-only access (Mobile-first design is a must)
  • A generalized approach
  • Paid testimonials or reviews (People want authentic first-hand insights)
  • Outdated marketing efforts or methods

If you notice any of these things or other aspects of your digital marketing efforts that just aren’t keeping up with the competition, it could be time to consider an update to your digital marketing efforts. Fortunately, that’s easy to do.

2. Update Your Digital Marketing Efforts

If your content is focused on your products and not the customer, or if you’re just not focusing on creating useful material that people can benefit from in more ways than one, you’re going to struggle to keep up with those around you. Updating your digital marketing efforts includes:

  • Taking a customer-first focus
  • Building a better brand image
  • Giving people something for nothing
  • Becoming an authority in your industry

Notice how none of this has anything to do with selling any products or services. That’s the key to success with modern digital marketing efforts. You’re not marketing. You’re educating. Building relationships. Finding people that need your assistance. When you do that, the sales make themselves.

3. Get Value from Professional Training

Emarkable is always taking the time to learn about the latest trends and tools in digital marketing so that we can share that information with our colleagues, clients, and others. The Emarkable Academy is where you will find a host of training resources that can help you and your digital marketing team to step into the 21st century of marketing and get your business back on track to blow the competition out of the water.

Patrick Fox