E-Commerce – What Is Your Marketing Message?

When it comes to e-commerce – and business in general – it can be hard to manage all the different aspects to keep everything straight. It can be even harder to make sure that all your marketing and all elements of your company have the same theme and message.

Not sure what we’re talking about? When it comes to marketing and trying to grow interest for your business, you must make sure that all parts of your business are giving the same message to all customers who view it.

This isn’t to say that all of your marketing needs to be emblazoned with a neon-coloured banner that screams your mission (e.g., ‘promoting sustainability,’ ‘partial proceeds go to charity or the like), but you should make sure it’s clear in more subtle ways in all of your e-commerce marketing.

E-Commerce Marketing

Marketing Message | What Are Your Marketing Messages? - Emarkable.ie

As with other types of marketing, e-commerce marketing is the type of marketing you do when you’re trying to increase sales and drive traffic to your website. The hope, when you use e-commerce marketing, is that you’ll see increased interest in whatever products or services you sell electronically. 

There are people whose whole job is to work on your marketing. These are called e-commerce marketers. They can use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and make it easier to purchase products online.


However, it’s not as simple as just spamming your potential customers with emails and promotions. Although that might net you a few additional sales, it’s not a sustainable and consistent system.

When it comes to e-commerce marketing, you need to have a brand or a message that you’re willing to promote to the customer.


Marketing Message | What Are Your Marketing Messages? - Emarkable.ie

Branding is one of the most important features of your company because branding can control how customers see and think of your business.
If you have a history of terrible customer service and negative reviews, that’s going to tell customers that you don’t have very good branding. In this same example, if you have terrible customer service and negative reviews but you brand it into something positive (somehow), people will still want to work with you.

Spinning Your Image

Take Amazon, for example. Amazon is a household name that offers consistent delivery, decent customer service, and other positives. They’re touted as being one of the most convenient retailers out there. This is even though Amazon workers are known to be underpaid and treated terribly, and that the price-gouging that Amazon does to ‘give you the best deal’ hurts brick-and-mortar retailers.

Despite the truth that Amazon has a seedy underbelly, people still love Amazon and will pick it as their retail service nine times out of ten.

Thus, messaging and branding are important. How you decide to present yourself to your customers will go a long way towards determining your success as a business.

How To Work Out Your Branding/Messaging

Marketing Message | What Are Your Marketing Messages? - Emarkable.ie

When it comes to branding, you can base your marketing presence on product quality, brand image, brand values, your company’s reputation, or a personal experience. Even if you have skeletons in your closet (like Amazon), you want to make sure that you come off as a company that is honest and trustworthy. 

To have a good and trustworthy brand, you must be steadfast with your company values and policies, and if you make a company promise, you must make sure you uphold that promise. If the business ends up not upholding its promises, it will begin to come off as untrustworthy and disingenuous. 

This means that you must make sure that all elements of your branding are in line with your mission and ideals.

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