Rebranding for the New Year

Thinking about rebranding for the new year? You’re not alone. Change seems to be in the air, whether that’s related to the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts toward minimalism, or something else completely. Is it right for your company, though? This brief questionnaire will walk you through critical questions to answer to know whether you should go for a rebrand or stay the course.

1. Is your current brand identity relevant to the company?

Often, company cultures change over time even if they still produce the same product. For instance, look at how Apple evolved over the decades, eventually positioning itself as the pinnacle of form, function, and design. If your brand is no longer culturally relevant, it might be time for a change.

2. Is your logo usable in different channels and platforms?

This one isn’t so much about rebranding as it is about diversifying existing brand collateral. Take your master logo. Chances are good it’s a little cluttered for some uses, such as in a browser bar on a computer. Many companies have a master logo, but then use elements of that logo in other locations. Take Nike, for instance. The word Nike and the “swoosh” are often used together, but in some formats, the company uses only the iconic “swoosh” to great effect.

3. Is your brand easily recognised?

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You might think that a fancy font ties in with your culture. You could believe that convoluted imagery helps set you apart from the crowd. The truth is that many companies should consider rebranding for the new year to make their logos more easily recognisable. Look at Google – the company’s name was always easy to recognise, but with the sans serif font, it’s more minimal and recognisable than ever before. Other companies getting in on the same trend include Burberry, Berluti, and even Yves Saint Laurent.

4. Should you evoke the past?

While simplification connects with the minimalist movement, don’t neglect the power of nostalgia. If your brand connects to the past in any way, then nostalgic brand marketing may be worth considering. Think of Spotify’s efforts to connect with the culture of the 80s and 90s, or of television shows that evoke iconic elements of the 70s culture.

5. What’s the story behind your brand?

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All brands have a story to tell, but that doesn’t mean your collateral is getting the message across. It’s also possible that different pieces of collateral are telling different stories, or different parts of the same story, and are diluting your success. If your story isn’t communicated clearly through your brand’s assets, then rebranding for the new year is not just a good idea – it’s essential.

6. Does your brand tie into key adjectives your audience uses to describe it?

What words do your customers or clients use to describe your brand? Examples could be traditional, forward-thinking, innovative, quality, trust, or value, for instance. Find ways to tie those adjectives into your collateral, whether we’re talking about your logo design, your website layout, your content marketing, or something else entirely.

7. Who is your ideal customer?

Rebranding | Advice for New Year Rebranding -

Your brand should resonate with your audience. To ensure that it does, you need to know your ideal customer. Every design and storytelling decision you make should be based on an in-depth understanding of your audience, their needs, their pain points, and their expectations.

Rebranding for the New Year

Rebranding can be challenging, but it’s often necessary. Even a minor streamlining of your logo can deliver critical benefits and boost visibility and recognition. Contact Emarkable to learn more about how we can help.

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