B2B Marketing for the Construction Industry: Building Your Audience

COVID-19 has affected all industries in Ireland and around the world. However, construction has been one of the hardest hit. In fact, according to some sources, almost €18bn has been lost in cancelled or paused projects. That’s a great deal of money, time, and lost jobs across the nation. What does 2021 hold? Will the construction industry get back on track?

All signs point to the industry regaining its forward momentum, although that might not happen as fast as many would like. Once the pandemic’s impacts have dissipated, many construction companies will find that they need to focus on reconnecting with their customers. Of course, building your audience can be challenging even during the best of times, so you’ll need to know what to do. The following steps will help ensure you’re able to build your audience and begin moving forward.

Maximise Visibility in Google

When it comes to construction, local is the watchword. Nothing works better for local visibility than making use of the tools that Google has made available to you. This is particularly true for your phone number. Calls are crucial to keeping a construction company moving forward, so make sure that your phone number is prominently listed in local Google search results.

As a note, you might find that in addition to phone calls, video calls are more popular than ever. With everyone still in their social distancing mindset, embrace this in as many ways as you can. You might even want to include remote site inspections and other options that streamline the process for your clients.

Is Your Website Helpful?

Your website must be more than just a virtual business card or advertisement. It should be the central hub of all your efforts when it comes to building your audience. Make sure that it’s packed full of useful information. Not sure what information to include? Answer the following questions and you’ll be on the right track:

  • What questions do your customers usually ask?
  • What information will visitors most likely want to see?
  • Does your website clearly communicate what you do and why your customers choose you?
  • Does your website show proof of completed projects?

These are all things you need to include on your site to ensure that it’s helpful, easy to use, and delivers value to your visitors.

Choose a Niche

There are thousands of construction companies across Ireland, and it can be pretty challenging to build your audience if you’re unable to differentiate yourself from the rest. To help you do that, focus on a few key niches that you do well and then promote yourself in those on social media sites like Facebook.

Reconnect with Past Customers

Your previous customers can be powerful spurs to growth. Keeping up with your customers is also part and parcel of building your audience. Keep in touch with them. Reconnect with those who’ve fallen off the map. Find out if they have other jobs that need to be done, whether they’re larger or smaller, or perhaps they have a colleague, family member, or friend who needs construction work done.

Highlight Your Accomplishments with Video

Video content is the most frequently consumed type of digital content today. You can turn that to your advantage and use it while building your audience. Use videos to:

  • Walk potential customers through previous projects
  • Show your company culture
  • Explain critical processes and steps in a project
  • Show what sets you apart from other construction companies

Get Started Building Your Audience

While the construction industry might still be lagging, 2021 is a brand new year. It’s time to start building your audience and your success. Let Emarkable help.

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Richard Coen

With over 21 years of experience in Digital Marketing, 31 years in sales and 25 years in business development, Richard assists companies to develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers to achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.