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The Taoiseach has announced wide-ranging measures, amounting to a general shutdown, to combat coronavirus. Measures will be implemented from 6 pm today to 29 March. The Taoiseach has announced wide-ranging measures, amounting to a general shutdown, to combat coronavirus. Measures will be implemented from 6 pm on Thursday 12 March to 29 March.

Ireland in Lockdown Mode

Schools, colleges, childcare facilities, and cultural institutions are to close. Indoor gatherings of 100 people and outdoor gatherings of 500 people should be cancelled. People are advised to continue working, but remotely if possible shops will remain open restaurants and cafés which remain open should practice social distancing Taoiseach has said Ireland

“has overcome many trials in the past with our determination and spirit, and we will prevail”

Many businesses are starting to feel a sense of unease and uncertainty. But what can be done to mitigate the coronavirus and what steps can we take?

Here at Emarkable, we have created the following for our clients so far this week:

Information Material Branded with company logo for example:

  • Wash your hand’s guide
  • Do’s and Don’t with Coronavirus
  • Visitor questionnaire
  • Adding online payment systems to existing websites

Working From Home – an eCommerce opportunity

Working from home means more people will be looking to transact online rather than visiting physical shops. We have had a marked increase in enquiries for e-commerce and facilities for companies to sell, order and pay online. We have also seen an increase and predict a greater amount in online sales, search activity and social media activity as people are travelling less.

What Can I Do?

Facebook & Instagram Recommend that you stay in touch with your customers and prepare a customer service plan – more info available here.

LinkedIn advises live updates and use of their LinkedIn Live feature – Read more here.

Twitter has a great feature on brand communication during a crisis which is a must-read for business – Article here

Google also provide valuable guidance for companies such as updating your business hours and letting customers know if they should expect delays – Read Google’s information here

Email allows you to announce your plans to your customers. A short email informing customers of closure can avoid an onslaught of enquiries – better to answer questions before they are asked.

The Critical Role of Content in a Crisis

Sometimes there just seems to be an uninterrupted supply chain filled with crisis after crisis.

Providing emotional safety requires an awareness of what others are feeling – and the ability to feel it with them.

From a business standpoint, acting on those feelings may not always be what’s best for business, but rather what’s best for building trust. Those two things may seem different at times; and in the middle of a crisis, it may be difficult to know which to choose. It may even require choosing different approaches for different groups.

Content in marketing and communications can be a great source of safety for brands.

Sometimes, for your clients and your customers, you just need to be willing to be there.

The most comforting feeling of trust and safety comes from the belief that we aren’t alone in our struggles and that someone is there to help guide us through the anxiety. They help, not by waiting out the crisis, but by supporting us as we move through it.

It’s your story. Tell it well.


If we come to a point where we must avoid shops or other public places, it could boost e-commerce, especially for those purchases we can’t postpone by a few weeks. That would, of course, have a big impact on companies who could now compete for the purchases of consumers who are not frequent online shoppers.

We are encouraging companies to increase online advertising in businesses that will see an increase in demand and decrease ( but not cease) advertising in businesses that will be affected directly.

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