27 Tips for Christmas Marketing

Irish households will spend €2,960 in December – a third more than any other month, and 3% more than last year, according to Retail Ireland.

And with some retailers seeing as much as a 30% increase in sales in December, the Christmas period is a vital part of the year for the retail sector.

How can you claim more of the market and get a jump on your competitors? Find more customers online by using our 27 Tips for Christmas Marketing:

  1. Create a Rewards Club: A customer loves to feel appreciated.  Retaining customers is just as important as getting new ones.  Reward your customer’s loyalty with a rewards club. It also opens a communication channel for future promotions.
  2. Run Competitions on Social Media: A Facebook competition can really ignite your Facebook feed.  A ‘like & share’ competition works in two ways.  Firstly the added engagement will give your post a wider reach.  Secondly, it shows potential buyers that this item or service is highly sought after, and would make an ideal gift
  3. In-Store Events: You can announce your events on social media or by email.  It’s a great way to generate buzz about a promotion. You can aim your social media campaign in specific locations or interests, and zone in on those potential buyers.
  4. Think Mobile: In 2018, over 50% of internet traffic was through a mobile device.  This means that your website needs to be responsive to mobiles, as a badly displayed website will frustrate customers.  Make sure yours is mobile-ready.
  5. Discounts for those who “Bring a Friend: This is a great incentive to increase footfall.  It’s a win-win for both the retailer and the customer.  This can also work great as part of a social media campaign.
  6. Offer Free Shipping: Customers today want to know exactly how much an item costs, and if there’s a sudden increase for shipping, they will go elsewhere.  Why not offer free shipping as a sales encouragement?
  7. Use Social Media Management Tools: You can keep on top of all your Facebook posts, but what about Instagram, Twitter or the rest?  It pays to be on all suitable platforms, but keeping track of everything can be a nightmare.  Some platforms we recommend are Buffer, Sprout Social or Hootsuite.
  8. BOPIS: Buy online & pick up in-store is a great option for those with physical high-street shops.  Customers can save time by browsing your website, and avoid the crowds by collecting their purchases in store.
  9. Think Local for SEO: When choosing your keywords, it may be worthwhile considering your location.  If you sell shoes in a shop in Dublin, use ‘shoe shop Dublin’ to focus on that location. Make sure to optimise your website content, metadata and titles for local search.
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