Why We Spring for SharpSpring

Here at Emarkable we believe in using the very latest and best tools of the trade so that our clients receive a service that’s second to none. Thousands of clients around the world rely on SharpSpring for their marketing activities as it offers the following benefits:

  • Generates leads
  • Improves conversions to sales ratios
  • Drives higher returns on marketing investments
  • Free customer support
  • Flexible monthly contracts
  • Cost effective software as a service
  • Innovative, open architecture

One of the most powerful tools that we choose to use is the SharpSpring marketing automation software. SharpSpring is one of the leading global providers of cost-effective, cloud-based marketing technologies and it’s recently added some pretty powerful new social media tools into its marketing automation platform.


This means that by fully integrating social media management with marketing automation, SharpSpring Social provides marketers with a powerful way to increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost customer engagement in ways that other, stand-alone social tools just cannot match. SharpSpring now allows its users to identify the best prospects by adjusting lead scores based on social engagement, emails, trigger sales notifications and other automations that are based on social activity, and measure the end-to-end ROI of their social media strategies.

The new social media features have been designed to enable users to provide marketers with the next level of social media management capabilities. SharpSpring users can schedule and publish posts to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook directly from the SharpSpring dashboard, whilst the social listening tool offers the opportunity to follow conversations with keywords, hashtags and competitor profiles.

These social features will enable users to expand their businesses with potent new conversion tools that turn social interactions to their advantage by generating sales. Here at Emarkable, we’ve welcomed this opportunity offered by SharpSpring Social to provide an enhanced level of digital marketing services to our own clients.



The Content Calendar is a new tool that enables users to create and publish social content direct from the Calendar. It features an interactive interface that provides a complete view of all your scheduled marketing content, which includes emails, social content and blog posts and it’s taking users by storm right now as they harness the positive power it brings them. With social such an important component of any marketing strategy right now, being able to bring everything together in the one platform is a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and offer existing customers an enhanced level of service.

These new features are just the latest addition to SharpSpring, coming hot on the heels of last year’s new features which included:

  • A landing page builder designed to allow users who have no coding skills to build web pages using one of a vast range of page templates. Using an easy to understand WYSIWYG editor that incorporates SharpSpring’s existing features, getting started is easier than e4ver. The SharpSpring tracking code is automatically added to landing pages which are optimised for mobile devices.SharpSpring - Why We Spring for SharpSpring
  • A blog builder that makes the whole process of managing and publishing blog posts simpler and quicker than ever before. Blog posts can be published within the SharpSpring platform and blog posts integrate with the RSS features which enables users to send out automated emails when a new blog post has been added.
  • Dynamic web pages make the most of data to display bespoke content for individual contacts within the user’s database. For example, a company that deals with customers in a     range of sectors can have one single landing page which displays a different image, depending on which sector the contact who visits the page works in. This feature is also available for emails.

Here at Emarkable, we appreciate that not all business owners have the time to devote to building their website, creating new content and running complex marketing campaigns. This is why we offer our comprehensive marketing services, taking advantage of the potent features provided by SharpSpring so that we can offer our clients a bespoke service tailored to meet their individual business requirements. If you want to see just how much difference SharpSpring can make to your business, why not get in touch and one of our expert marketing team members will be happy to let you know how we can help you to grow your business in 2018?

Celia Deverell

A driven digital marketer who is passionate about education. Trained in Community Rural Development and skilled specifically in Project Management. A team player with a common-sense approach to coordinating team activities.