Top Tips to Get the Most out of your PPC Campaign

9 of the 27 Top Tips to Get the Most out of your PPC Campaign

PPC, or pay-per-click, is internet advertising designed to drive traffic to your website and you pay the website owner or network of websites each time one of your ads is clicked.  PPC is usually associated with first-tier search engines such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Ads and displays banner ads on websites with related content that have agreed to show adverts – it’s a popular model of advertising on both Facebook and Twitter.  Here’s how to get the most out of a PPC campaign:

  1. Who – are you targeting with your PPC campaign? When choosing keywords and creating ad copy, choose terms your audience would search for.
  2. Avoid – broad match keywords which will result in your ad appearing for similar phrases. While this can help to increase exposure, it will also attract irrelevant traffic which will cost you money.
  3. Negative Keywords – these will enable you to specify where your ad should not appear and will help to eliminate irrelevant ad placements.
  4. Test Ad Copy – to find out which versions of ads perform best in order to maximise the ROI of your campaign.
  5. Make Sure – that the content on your landing page logically aligns with the keywords used to maximise your ROI.
  6. Think About – whether you want the keywords and ad copy to catch attention or to offer helpful information.
  7. Identify – what you would like the reader to do once they click on your paid search ad and include this goal as a Call to Action (CTA) in your ad copy.
  8. Drive – viewers to a landing page that leads them towards this goal.
  9. Devise – a method of measuring success before you launch the campaign – ongoing analysis of campaign metrics will reveal keywords you may need to pause or opportunities you may want to increase.

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Richard Coen

With over 21 years of experience in Digital Marketing, 31 years in sales and 25 years in business development, Richard assists companies to develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers to achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.