Top Tips for Technical SEO

9 of the 27 Top Tips for Technical SEO

Using keywords in tags is essential if you want Google to place your site high in the search rankings:

  1. Make sure one of your main keywords features at the start of the title meta tag of the page – search engines will use the meta tag to display the main title of the search result, so the keyword tells the search engine what to rank the page for.
  2. Make sure the keyword is used in the meta description tag – this will send a signal to search engines on how relevant the page is.
  3. The H1 (heading) tag is a description of the content on the page and your keyword should feature in each unique H1 tag on a page.
  4. Use keywords in the website copy of each page – however, beware of keyword-stuffing, it’s no longer helpful in raising your page ranking, and it will just make the copy less reader-friendly. Just use the keywords as they would naturally appear and this will send a relevancy signal to search engines.

But its not just about keywords

  1. Content needs to be long enough to provide readers with detailed and relevant information which will prove to Google that the content is authoritative and should rank high. The longer the content is, the more information it will contain the subject so make sure you write content that is long and very useful to readers.
  2. Don’t duplicate your content – having similar content on several of your web pages is likely to have a negative effect on your website’s search ranking so write original copy for each page.
  3. If you have two web pages with similar content, then a canonical tag is essential as it tells Google that despite having the same content on multiple pages, they should be considered as one.
  4. Image Optimisation (just like text optimisation) should be used so that your images can send relevancy signals to search engines via their text, captions and descriptions.
  5. Update your content on a regular basis – the Google algorithm prefers freshly updated content and will rank your website higher. While Google does recognise that product descriptions are not as time-sensitive as articles and blog posts reporting recent events, it is still wise to adopt a strategy of updating certain content at least annually.

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