How to Take your Marketing Automation to the Next Level

Looking to move your business up a level with Marketing Automation?  Here’s what you need to know.

We all know that a personalised and attentive service makes all the difference between a satisfactory customer experience and an excellent customer adventure.  However, when dealing with many prospects, ensuring that each one receives individual attention presents marketers with an overwhelming challenge that may seem insurmountable.

This is where marketing automation software really steps up to the plate and provides savvy marketers with the tools they need to communicate on an individual basis with each prospective client and provide fully tailored interactions that will lead to increased conversions.  Today we’re looking at how you can take advantage of the power of your marketing automation system to take your business (and your marketing) to the next level.

  • Get to Work – First and foremost, don’t rely on your automation software to do all the hard work for you – this will just deliver an impersonal customer experience. You need to build personalisation and relevance into the marketing to sales process to give each prospect the insights they need to make an informed purchasing decision.
  • Get to Know your Audience – Choose your audience and get to know them so that you can create the type of content they will want to keep receiving from you.
  • Create Personas – To fully understand your clients and their needs, create buyer personas (fictitious versions of your prospects) to help guide both your content and marketing decisions.
  • Knowledge is King – Use your marketing automation software to understand each prospect’s buying cycle so that you can deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.
  • Staging Posts – Not all leads are equal – and they’re not all ready at the same time either. You need to understand which stage a lead is in and then tailor your communications to help them solve their problems.  If a lead is not yet ready, don’t leave them dangling – get in touch and find out what you can do to move them along on the customer journey towards a sale.
  • Compelling Content – Understand that different leads may need different types of content to gain the information they need to decide. You need to personalise content to the individual.  Some leads may need factsheets to support their case for purchase.  Other needs may need to understand whether your product or service is necessary for their brand or sector.  Make sure you understand who’s involved in the buying cycle for each lead and monitor their journey towards a purchase, offering timely advice where possible.
  • Communication Matters – Marketers and sales personnel need open lines of communication to share information. Use marketing automation systems to gather the data necessary for the sales team and marketing strategy.
  • Competent Collaboration – If the sales team is not equipped to nurture leads in the early stage, marketing teams can progress the relationship with useful and relevant content, personalised interactions and timely communications.
  • Create Campaigns – Use marketing automation software to create regional campaigns to increase business in specific areas at specific times.

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Marketing automation software provides marketers with a comprehensive, fully-stocked toolbox that enables them to communicate in a powerful and individual way with each prospective client, leading to an enhanced customer experience.  Honing your skills and sharpening your tools will allow you to offer fully tailored communications that will increase your ROI.

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