Content Marketing – Busting the Goldfish Myth Makes all the Difference

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How many times have you been told that your audience has the attention span of a goldfish and most are unable to concentrate on one topic for longer than 8 seconds?  We’re led to believe that the never-ending stream of information that the internet bombards us with is somehow dumbing us down and making it difficult for us to think coherently.

– Myth or Miracle?

Let’s take a closer look at the “Goldfish Myth” – when was the last time you managed to concentrate for more than 8 seconds?  Three minutes ago?  Five minutes ago? Thirty minutes ago?  Exactly – you’ve been concentrating for more than 8 seconds if you’ve read this far!  The Goldfish Myth theory of people’s inability to concentrate hit the internet following some research conducted by Microsoft in 2015 and the Myth went viral after being reported by trusted newspapers and magazine like TIME and the Daily Telegraph.  Nothing could be further from the truth, however – digital is not killing our attention span so we don’t need to plan marketing around the 8 second rule.

– Attention is Evolving

Microsoft’s research did reveal that people who spend time using digital media use their attention in different ways, all of which are more intensive and efficient, resulting in useful information being gleaned more quickly. Using technology and social media is teaching us to process and encode the information we see more rapidly with short burst of intense attention.  Our attention is processing the information more efficiently and getting better at switching between different facts without jeopardising any of them.  Rather than diminishing, our attention span is actually increasing, processing information so efficiently that we’re on the lookout for more interesting stuff, rather than less.

– Becoming a Miracle Maker

This is good news for marketers who are ready to let go of the Goldfish Myth and harness the power of enhanced audience attention to produce miracles. You need to give these people much more than 8 seconds’ worth of aggressive content – they want more than this, much more.  They want content that is significant and meaningful – valuable information that hooks them and gives their attention something substantial to consume.  People nowadays are hungry for more information that they can use to make an informed decision when it comes to buying products or services.

With the developments we’ve recently seen in marketing automation, now is the ideal time to get on board and take your company’s content marketing to the next level and give your audience enough of the meaningful information they crave.

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