Transcending Time: A case-study of Tiffany & Co’s ‘Iconic Marketing Formula’

At Christmas time more than ever, we realise that commercially we live in a modern age of digital marketing and free-style new media communication never undreamt of by our marketing predecessors, yet unparalleled in both immediacy and controllability by our contemporaries. In a recent recession, where familiar and new age companies struggled for their corporate survival and start-up success, some companies managed to seamlessly adapt and continue much as they always have. Such companies serve as landmarks in our international marketing landscapes, but their formula for success has not been easily emulated. What then may be the secret of their survival and enduring class?

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In a short case-study, carried out by a member of the Team as part of digital media certification at Dundalk Institute of Technology DkIT, the 175 years of marketing landscape for the diamond merchants Tiffany & Co. was analyzed, to find out if one central strategy for international survival could explain their survival and adaptation to the digital age. The study found that critical juncture iconic moments are likely to be a key part of the strategy leading to an enduring and memorable brand consciousness in the global market. An explication of the  ‘Iconic Marketing Formula’ strategy that appears consistently throughout Tiffany & Co.’s marketing campaigns, both in quantity and  longevity, can be found by downloading the forthcoming paper:

Cowley, M. (2016). How marketing communications has changed in the digital age: A case-study of Tiffany & Co.’s ‘Iconic Marketing Formula’. Forthcoming in the Managerial Marketing eJournal, Sept, 2016.

(To access the paper click on the hyperlink above). SSRN Business Network eJournal Series, Sept 2016.


Author: Michelle B. Cowley, Marketing Manager at

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