B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop

How to develop an effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy.


Who Should Attend?

The B2B Digital Marketing Strategy workshop is aimed at companies who want to grow revenue and who need to integrate a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy into their overall marketing planning process. It will provide a step by step methodology and framework which participants can follow to craft their own individual strategic plan relevant to their business model. The seminar is ideally suited for:

• Export oriented companies,
• Software as service providers,
• Organisations with multiple potential prospects who need strong Sales Lead generation,
• Organisations with long and complex sales cycles.

Pre-workshop diagnostic: A series of questions to define your online digital competency and progress made to date in developing a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy  for your company and road map to implementation.

On the Day: An intensive workshop designed to help senior managers understand the principles of creating a high performance B2B Digital Marketing Strategy.

Workshop contents: During the workshop, each participant will be encouraged to think and write down how key elements of the B2B Digital Marketing Strategy would relate to their own business environment. Each participant will undertake in-class exercises in relation to topics such as:

• Understanding the forces driving change in buyer demand and behaviour
• Introduction to strategic frameworks and analysis tools
• Situational analysis: Whats involved?
• Gathering strategy/planning and insight through data (Qualitative/Quantitative)
• Market segmentation and identifying high growth target markets
• Defining marketing personas
• Defining and crafting an online value propositions
• Product market fit: Where is the sweet spot?
• SWOT analysis
• Identification of source of competitive advantage
• Identification of critical success factors that can affect success.
• Setting top level objectives: Marketing, sales, revenue
• Building traction and linking strategy to objectives (segments/target markets/positioning/acquisition/retention)
• Inbound marketing methodology (the role of content)
• Channels of acquisition (bulls eye framework)
• Principles of lead generation and conversion rate optimisation
• Building loyalty and retention
• Marketing tactics i.e. the digital tools to be used to deliver strategy
• Action: who does what, when and where?
• What core metrics define success? How to create digital measurement plan specific to each company
• How to scale up digital marketing actives
• Digital marketing platforms. When, how and what to automate

Key Learning Outcome

This workshop will give participants a clear understanding of the key steps in building a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy. The process will be explained in a coherent, sequential, structured manner with real world examples. The digital planning process is relatively simple if properly understood and at the end of this workshop each participant will be able to draft a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for their own business with an emphasis on using data sources to build strategic insight.

A workbook will be provided to all attendees with template headings which will assist in the completion of in class exercises. In addition, each attendee will be given a link to a downloadable PDF document which will have a comprehensive B2B Digital Marketing Strategy template. This can be completed by attendees on the course and builds on the content of the workshop. Its sets out clearly the keys steps involved in building and optimising an effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy.

Additional Option

Post-Workshop Follow-up. This is a 2-hour one-on-one consultation session with Emarkable. The output will be to assist you to clarify and refine your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy and roadmap for implementation.

Date and Venue
This workshop will be held on Thursday 1st December, 2016 from 9:00-5:00
Castleknock Hotel- The Thinking Room.

Workshop Cost
Companies pay €400 for a Digital Marketing Strategy bespoke to their company for 2017. This price includes lunch and tea/coffee on the day.

Register early to confirm your place. Bookings are on a first come, first served basis.

B2B Strategic Digital Marketing Workshop

For further information, please contact:
Celia Deverell
Event Co-ordinator
Phone: (01) 808 1301


B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Celia Deverell
Celia Deverell

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