Does My Business Need a Blog?

We hear the question all the time, “Does my business need a blog?” the answer is always yes.

Deep down most business owners know they need a blog, most businesses have one. Some don’t update it, while others don’t have one at all. If they’re honest with themselves, they’re procrastinating. Perhaps fearing it will cause extra work for little return, and not knowing what to blog about. If that includes you, don’t worry. For starters it’s a favoured method of communication by consumers, much more so than traditional advertising, which, by the way, no longer appeals to 80% of the population. A blog is your secret weapon: a one-stop tool with multiple benefits, including a boost to the top of the search engine results page as a thanks from Google for supplying new content. Blogging is the modern way to talk to your people, it’s essential for business.

Here are the reasons we feel every business needs a blog.

Build relationships

does my business need a blogA blog builds trust and bonds you and your readers. It shows that there is a person behind the brand doing some work and communicating with them. These are qualities inherent in all good relationships and good relationships earn loyalty. Doesn’t every business want loyal customers? Imagine: a constant opportunity to attract more business, like a TV advert, but a fraction of the cost, and 100% more interaction. It doesn’t even have to be about you, just relate to your audience.

Stay relevant

A blog gives you the opportunity to always be in fashion, to be up-to-date. You don’t need to be constantly launching products or breaking new ground to be relevant, but if your website sits static then, unfortunately, it’s not interesting or relevant. Do your competitors blog? Stay relevant by blogging about industry-specific news, or something in your area which you can relate to, which your readers can relate to.


People go online to solve problems, ask questions, find products, etc. Sometimes people just want entertaining. If you’re not delivering the above then you’ll agree that search engines won’t want to place your website at the top of their results pages because it doesn’t offer any value to the people using their services. Blogging ensures you deliver fresh content that is relevant and regular. Google loves this, it’s core SEO food.

Look like a pro

Once you’ve published a few articles, and people know you’re right up-to-date, you’ll get talked about more. Other bloggers will take notice and link to your awesome business blog. This tells theman at desk

world you know what you’re talking about, you’re the place to go to, an authority, an expert, a pro. Our blogging check-list will help you get started.

Snowball Effect

A blog gets you prime advertising: word of mouth. Ironically, this may be why you decided not have a blog, thinking old school word of mouth is enough. But, like it or not, most people communicate online; digital word of mouth. More talk equals more traffic equals more links equals even more traffic. This really attracts the attention of search engines and up the page you go. More sales.

If you want to improve your online presence through the powerful tool of blogging but don’t know where to start, Emarkable’s Inbound Marketing team can help you. Click the image below for a consultation. 


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Richard Coen

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