Yahoo says Germany will end Ireland‰Ûªs Euro 2016 hopes

Who will win Euro 2016?

Six years ago it was a ‘psychic’ octopus who called the shots now it’s scientists who are predicting the outcome of Euro 2016.
Paul the Octopus became a worldwide celebrity during the 2010 World Cup.
He predicted the results of all the games involving the hosts Germany. Alas, Paul is no more and has long gone to that great octopus aquarium in the sky.

Fishy tales
However, step forward science and artificial intelligence to fill the void left by Paul.
As the European soccer championships kick off this weekend across France, boffins are using advanced methods to determine who will be crowned soccer kings at Euro 2016.
Ireland vs Germany

And, depending how you look at your pint glass —  half full or half empty – the Republic of Ireland will storm through the qualifiers before losing in the quarter-finals against Germany.


While the methods deployed by the scientists in 2016 is more sophisticated than Paul the Octopus, it will be interesting to follow the fortunes of those teams predicted to do well in this summer’s soccer extravaganza in France.

Yahoo – Germany
The brains at Yahoo waded through their statistical data and have gone with Germany after defeating Martin O’Neill’s side in the quarter finals of Euro 2016.
To come to this conclusion, the team at Yahoo waded through 24 million Tumblr blogs to analyse over 20 billion posts from the first five months of this year to look at all the conversations taking place around Euro 2016.
They then examined four years of Yahoo Sports data for each team in this year’s tournament and developed a statistical model for predicting the winners for each match.

Bing – Germany
Not to be upstaged Microsoft, using its Bing search engine, are also tipping the Germans to be crowned champions.
Bing’s method of predicting the results uses a combination of social media analysis, online search and performance evaluation

Blue Yonder – France
And according to cloud-based predictive analytics company Blue Yonder, the host country will lift the trophy at the Stade de France on July 10. Using an advanced algorithm  they concluded that host France will be the winner, beating reigning champion Spain in the final.

Emarkable- Ireland
Here at emarkable we’re going with our hearts. Come on Ireland.

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