Learning About Value Selling

Emarkable attended the inaugural workshop of Value Selling in Ireland. On Friday 21st January 2016 in the Charles Haughey suite of the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel.

Brendan Dunne and PJ Nisbet facilitated customised classroom instruction of the world famous sales methodology.  The curriculum incorporated a step by step slide deck, true to life case studies, and reality based selling.  As Brendan and PJ have years of experience, and the room was full of companies that brought a practical no-nonsense approaches to selling, the result was full on participation. We were joined by several other Irish businesses, including Snap, SF Management, and New Business Introductions.

Louis Fitzgerald- value selling

This sales methodology has been around for over 25 years and is practiced by many sales executives from Fortune 100 companies, to mid-sized businesses to early stage start-ups around the globe. The course objectives were to leverage core selling, create a repeatable process to advance the sale, understand the buyers motivation, ask better questions and make more effective connections with prospect’s an close more sales. The goal for Emarkable on the day was to cover many of these objectives and my personal objective on the day was to perfect my value prompter to have better conversations with potential clients.

So, why was a marketing company involved with a value selling course?  Well, sales and marketing are very closely linked.  Once the lead comes into the company, what are the next steps?  Are they a qualified prospect? What business issue will your service / product satisfy? Can the client list the problems that prevent them from resolving these themselves?  How will this be measured? What are the desired solutions? Is there a business and personal value that they are aware of? Can you plan out a step by step list of activities to achieve this in agreement with the client? Have all the people with the decision making process been involved with the plan?

January is that time of the year that we set out goals both professionally and personally. Having attended the workshop and completed the e-learning fundamentals I would like to recommend the formula.

Both Emarkable- as a company and I achieved our objectives on the day, goals have been set.  Why not reach out and contact us to see if we can help you achieve your business objectives?

Free Marketing Consulation*Hotel image via Louis Fitzgerald Hotel


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