Get Social 2015: 20 Most Valuable Take Home Points

Techspectations’ Get Social conference is generally a highlight for current Digital Marketing Professionals and Social Media Moguls to-be due to the high calibre of speakers and up-to-date information. 2015 didn’t disappoint.

Marketing ConferenceIn what has become somewhat of a tradition, I headed to the Techspectations’ Get Social  mini-conference in DCU in the hope of mining some new information for Emarkable’s valuable clients. With speakers like Paul Buckley, head of Social Media for Aer Lingus, and Sean Donnelly of EConsultancy; the calibre was certainly high this year. I gathered quite a bit of valuable information for the Emarkable team> and external businesses alike. Get Social 2015 provided a lot of food for thought, it has to be said.

Here are some of the most valuable points that came from an interesting afternoon of Social Talk.

1. There are three main points of a pre-launch campaign

According to the aforementioned Paul Buckley there are three main elements to a product or service pre-launch that should be implemented on Social Media.

  1. Drive Early Stage Awareness.
  2. Demonstration of Innovation
  3. Stimulate a conversation

2. Share Your Knowledge

Whether you are an individual in a business, a sales manager/representative or the person managing the brand’s social accounts, it’s imperative that you share your knowledge. This is the sage advice from Damien Dunne, Sales Director of Oracle Direct. Reputation is pinned on this!engagement

3. Start Conversations On and Offline

Another gem from Damien; get talking to the right people in the right businesses and organisations online, but don’t forget to take it offline; telephone calls, meetings, networking events- you name it, get yourself, and your brand, out there.

4. Share Your Perspective on Existing Content but ALSO be Original

Another piece of advice from Damien is to establish your brand’s authority and your own knowledge on industry topics. This can be done by offering your view point on existing content and generating fresh, original content.

speech bubbles5. Word of Mouth Drives Consumer Behaviour

Wise words from Nina Gallagher of Accenture Digital. If your businesses isn’t acting on this piece of information now, it’s time to start. A later point made in the Q&A session stated that someone who has a negative experience of a brand will tell 20 people, while a positive experience will be regaled to 100 people. Worth noting!

6. Digital Has Changed the Business-Customer/Client Relationship

Another well made point from Nina; Digital has changed relationships in the world of business. Customers are more empowered thanks to review websites and the quick nature of social media. Engagement is on their terms; if your customers prefer to communicate by social media, you should provide the means for them to do so. Finally, new platforms and devices ‘change the playing field’; it’s up to businesses to stay abreast with these changes.

7. The Average European Checks Social Media 150 Times A Day

This statistic from Cian Corbett of Radical should get you thinking. If you are not actively on social media, how many opportunities are you missing out on?

8. The Number One Reason Businesses Use Social Media

Another thinking point from Cian; Businesses use Social Media to Generate Awareness, first and foremost. This is the number one reason, but is your business generating awareness in the most effective and profitable way?

9. Less Wastage, More Targeting Target Market

Something we always put across to our clients and another great point from Cian. It is unproductive to waste time, effort and money on campaigns and strategies that are not targeting your specific audience. This is something all business need to consider when embarking on a Social Media Strategy.

10. Organic Reach is Important, but it Shouldn’t become a business’ main social focus

In other words: Advertising and targeting is paramount in getting the right attention on social media.

11. Marketing Funnel is out, Customer Decision Journey is in

This was the first point Econsultancy’s Sean made in his talk which was called ‘ The Customer Experience Imperative’.

Customer Decision Journey

*Source – Mckinsey 

12. Almost 50% of Web Traffic in Europe is Mobile

This certainly needs no explanation! Mobile is essential.

Print13. Engage on A Human Level

This is a point that came up a number of times; the humanisation of a brand on Social Media is incredibly effective. This is true whether you are at a B2B Level or B2C. Brand Awareness can be built online using Social Media if customers feel that there is an element of empathy and personality.

14. Social Media Skills are Considered The Most Important Marketing Skill

This is understandable given Nina’s point regarding Word of Mouth. Do you have the right skills in place in your business?

15. Social Media Marketing is Largely Creative

Don’t underestimate the process behind Social Media Marketing; it’s largely content focused and requires high levels of creativity.

16. “Discover What Your Customer is Looking For”look21

Another point worth taking home from Sean is to stop telling your customer what they want and start listening. Find out what they want and what they are looking for.

17. Experience is More Important Than Price

Contrary to what you might think, Experience is more important than price, according to a survey carried out by Econsultancy. 63% of respondents said that Experience is what made them shop with a certain brand while only 9% cited price as the reason.

18. The Future of Competitive Advantage

According to Sean, and we are inclined to agree here in Emarkable, is that contextualisation of content and customer experience are the two most important elements of when it comes to having a competitive advantage.

19. B2C Businesses Should Generate An Awareness of Who Their Customer is

People feel that the brands they use are somehow a reflection of who they are as a person; use social media to generate an awareness of who the people who use your brand are in order to attract similar consumers.

20. 60% of SMEs Acquire Customers Through Social Media

Whether directly or in directly social media plays an enormous part in customer acquisition for Small to Medium Enterprises. This should be measured

Get Social 2015

Among all the valuable information offered from the speakers, MC Darragh Doyle, aka Mr Internet, and the Panelists, there was once lesson that seemed to be reiterated time and time again. It’s one that we impress upon our clients on an almost daily basis. Social Media is About Conversation, Not Promotion. In the words of Panelist Stephen Cummins of Appselekt ‘Don’t be on Loud Speaker’. Don’t just sell your brand, encourage people to talk about it. If you walked into a shop and someone was shouting ‘Buy this, buy this, buy this’ in your face, you would walk out. The same applies online.

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It’s a lot to take in, right? Does your business have the right skills available to plan, implement and manage an effective, lead generating Social Media Marketing Strategy? If not, Emarkable’s team of marketers, designers, SEO strategists and Web Developers can help you craft one that really works. We will design and manage a strategy that will encourage customers and potential customers to talk about your brand. Contact us today to see where we can take your business.

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