LinkedIn Are Making Some Changes to LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn are making changes to their LinkedIn Groups feature, but will it make you engage more?

There is no denying that LinkedIn Groups have needed some changes for a while; they have become less of a place to engage with peers and more of a place where we can dump links and hope for the best. People have been asking for a more easily managed group facility (and less emails!) for some time and finally we are seeing some changes to LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn have listened to people’s issues with groups and monitored interaction. Their response is to make some changes that will make groups more visual, interactive and easier to manage. The idea is that these changes will reinstate the value of groups on LinkedIn which is not only a positive for them, but also for professionals who want to get the most out of the network.Print

So what do you need to know about these changes? We’ve broken it down for you.

Easier Privacy Settings 

LinkedIn has stripped the many types of groups down to just two options: standard and unlisted.

A Standard Group is searchable and members can request to join or be invited by an existing member.

An Unlisted Group is not searchable, and membership requires an invite from a manager.

Up until now you could read the content in some groups whether you were a member or not; now, however you have to be a member of a group to see what discussions are happening.

A New Mobile App 

A mobile app specifically for group has been launched on iOS and we will soon be seeing it on Android phones too. This will make conversations within groups easier to keep track of and get involved in.

Mentions and Improved Images 

Probably the most effective change will be the ability to mention other group members easily in posts and comments whether you are connect to them or not. Images can also be posted with just a quick tap on your screen.

This makes interactions quicker, more targeted and more visual. Print

Less email

We feel like there should be a parade to celebrate this one. The group digest emails will condense all relevant discussions in the groups you are a member of into daily or weekly emails. No more email notifications reminding you to interact in the group!

These all look like positive steps for LinkedIn in an attempt to make groups more interactive than they have been in the last two years. Is there something else you would like to see changed about LinkedIn and how it encourages interaction and networking? Let us know by visiting us know over on Twitter. 

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