How Would You Like To Increase Your Website Traffic By 25%*

Things can get quite busy over here at Emarkable and, as a result, we don’t get to share as much as we’d like to on what we’ve been up to, so we’re making a conscious effort to share more of our stories from now on.


Recently, we developed an approach with one of our long-term clients to strengthen their status as experts within their industry, through educating their sales team and, in turn, getting them to support the Company’s overall goals. This client works with us on a digital programme which we developed which includes Social, SEO, Content Development, Website Optimisation and both Online and Offline advertising campaigns.


Increase Your Website TrafficPROBLEM

This client has quite a large salesforce, and a large part of their strategy is to strengthen and develop the company’s position as experts in their industry through LinkedIn.

However, with such a varied skill level on the social selling concept, it can present quite a challenge for many companies. For example, you could have team members with 30+ years valuable experience and are not computer literate, you could have new members on the team with a whole new skillset but no network of contacts. The challenge is to ensure everyone buys into the ‘Why’ are we doing this?



We developed and executed a plan to maximise the integration of the company’s strategy and goals throughout their entire team. As LinkedIn is a platform where all their industry activity and peers are active,  the decision was taken at board level that this was the platform to focus on, develop and grow.

In order to bring the teams skills to a level that would benefit and support the company’s goals, we developed easily to consume content along presented a thirty minute training session in their premises on why they need to use LinkedIn and how it will benefit their career and the company’s expert standing.



Regardless of your industry, people only want to engage with and do business with experts. By being proactive and developing your network, this will lead you to the right people and, along with LinkedIn’s publishing capabilities, Pulse, allows you to showcase your knowledge to the right people. It is considered best practice to share real knowledge and not using the publish function as a selling tool. Offer advice relevant to your industry. If your goal is to developing yourself and your brand as industry experts and thought leaders, using LinkedIn publisher correctly should be high on your agenda.

It’s also a promotional tool. While we recommend avoiding direct promotion and selling using LinkedIn, it is still a very valuable promotional tool. If your article is particularly impressive and gets plenty of views it will be featured in the top posts section, or at the very least within the top posts of your particular category

Increase Your Website TrafficYou can reach way beyond your 1st level connections. When you update a status on LinkedIn it comes up in your first level news feed. When people like and comment on it the post spreads to your 2nd level connections, they comment on it and you reach that coveted third tier. The Publishing function works on the same principle but it takes it further. First of all your first level connections get a notification. This drives your work into their consciousness making it more likely for them to actually click and read.

You can learn a lot about your audience and industry contacts through analytics and who is reading your content. Read our post on publishing on linkedin


measure graphRESULTS

The results have been surprising even after a short time of introducing  this training. Each member is now actively growing their networks by linking with relevant industry contacts, joining and engaging in group discussions and engaging with people they follow. Already, traffic to the website has grown by 25%* coming from LinkedIn (* this figure was measured over an 8 week period).


All in all, our client is extremely happy with the results and has planned follow up more advanced follow up sessions with the team over the next few weeks.


So if you would like to strengthen your position as an expert, get in touch below or you can find out more here. Take a peek at our Process Brochure to see how we can help develop your winning digital strategy.

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Richard Coen

With over 21 years of experience in Digital Marketing, 31 years in sales and 25 years in business development, Richard assists companies to develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers to achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.