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Vote for Emarkable in The Blog Awards!

Vote for Emarkable in the Blog Awards!

Last week we announced our delight at being included on the Blog Awards Ireland shortlist for marketing and comms. Now it’s over to you! We’re asking our readers to vote for us if you enjoy our tips and advice on managing your online presence.

We believe Emarkable is different to other marketing blogs because we are not aiming our content exclusively at professional marketers, but also business people and professionals with minimum knowledge of the workings of online marketing.

We offer marketing and online management advice in easy to read, even easier to understand snippets that anyone can put into practice. We here to share knowledge; it’s part of what we do. We think that this is why we stand out among the crowd when it comes to marketing and communications blogging. If you agree, you can vote for us by clicking the image below. Voting runs until the 21st of September so don’t hesitate!

Vote in Irish Blog Awards

Please keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where we always share out latest tips and info.

Once again, a huge thank you to anyone who nominated us. You can view the full shortlist HERE on the blog awards awards website

Claire Kane

Claire Kane

A creative-thinking inbound marketer with a passion for generating strong, tailored online branding for businesses through imaginative, customised content.