9 Reasons Hootsuite Is Our Favourite Social Media Tool

There is an abundance of Social Media Tools out there and it is difficult to know which one works best for you. At Emarkable, we’ve tried most of them and we collectively agree that Hootsuite is the Social Media Tool to end all Social Media Tools.

So first of all, what is Hootsuite? For those who are not familiar with the tool, Hootsuite is a web application which enables you to easily manage your Social Network pages in one place. You can view multiple streams, from who is mentioning you on Twitter, to what you have posted on Facebook. The biggest brands in the world use this tool including Coca-Cola, so we figure if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for our clients.

Here are 9 reasons why we love Hootsuite so much:

  1. It helps you learn about your audience

Knowing your audience is an important part of marketing your business. Social Media makes it easier to get to know what makes your target market tick, but it’s an element that a lot of businesses ignore.

Hootsuite makes it possible to find the stats that matter from all your social profiles; what age are your followers, where are they living, how are they responding to your posts? This information helps you to craft social media campaigns that will better target your audience and provide you with excellent lead generation.

Hootsuite Social Media Tool

  1. You Can Target your Audience More Effectively

Hootsuite allows you to Geo-Target your posts. This means that if you have a particular location or demographic you want to target, you can. While this function exists on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter only allow you to Geo-Target if you are creating an advertisement or boosting a post. In Hootsuite you can target by location, language, age and even relationship status with Facebook. You can also target by country on Twitter. For example, if you are a Jeweller in Kildare with a collection of engagement rings, you can target men in Kildare and Laois who are in a Relationship. Clever, eh?

  1. It Keeps all your accounts in one place

Managing multiple social media accounts can be quite overwhelming; not if you use Hootsuite, though! Hootsuite allows you to keep all of your accounts in one place, so you don’t have multiple tabs open and you can easily switch from Twitter to Facebook and back again. This is a timesaver and it stops you from getting too-many-tabs syndrome!

  1. It Improves Your Response Time

How many times have you logged into Facebook or Twitter and suddenly realised that there is a message there from a week ago that you failed to answer? With Hootsuite you can include streams for messages on each of your accounts. One quick look and you can see if there are any new messages, and you can respond to them instantly.

If you make it a habit to check your mentions and messages as soon as you log in you will improve your response time, and therefore your reputation, in no time at all.

5. You Can Keep An Eye On Competitors 

Click HereWhile we would advise clients to avoid becoming overly concerned with what their competitors are doing, we do recommend keeping tabs on what they are talking about on Facebook and Twitter. You can do this by setting up streams on Hootsuite that monitor their Facebook page and their Twitter feed. Just don’t be tempted to copy exactly what they are doing; this is one mistake too many businesses make.

6. It Enables You To Monitor Hot Industry Topics

By setting up search streams you can monitor what people are talking about in your industry without actively having to look for it online every day. We all want to stay on top of what is going on in our industries but sometimes it’s difficult to be tuned in all the time; this makes it easier and it makes it possible to see what the people on the ground think of what’s going on. From this information you can create social posts, opinion pieces on your blog and even engage quickly with industry thought leaders from your Hootsuite dashboard.

7. It saves time

Anything that saves time in your business is invaluable. Hootsuite saves time in many ways, firstly because it negates the need for you to log into various profiles and also because it provides you with a host of information you would otherwise need to actively search for.

8. It’s a Scheduling Tool 

A big part of social media management is knowing the value in planning and scheduling posts. Scheduling key posts for the week saves time, but it also ensures that right message is being delivered to your audience, as opposed to panic posting anything last minute because you haven’t posted in three days! Spending an hour or two a week on scheduling your posts means that you can rest assured your audience is being provided with engaging content.

9. It optimises posting times

It can take weeks of data analysing to learn when the best times to post or Tweet are for your business. Hootsuite intuitively analyses when your followers are most online and the times of day you have been getting the most interaction. By clicking Autoschedule, it automatically schedules your post to appear at a time when it will most likely have an impact.

Sounds good, right? That’s why it’s our tool of choice. If you want to learn more about Hootsuite or would like some guidance on your overall Social Media Strategy contact us on 01 808 1301 or email info@emarkable.ie.

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