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Google is changing: New Holdings Company Created

Google is changing. The company announced on Monday evening (Irish time) that it has restructured as Alphabet. Alphabet is a holdings company made up of various businesses, the largest of which is Google.

In a blog post yesterday evening Google co-Founder Larry Page announced what is just one of many changes we have seen with Google. In his announcement he clarifies that Google will not be rebranding, but it will be ‘slimmed down’ as part of a larger conglomerate with Page taking the role of CEO and his long-term business partner and co-Founder of Google, Sergey Brin.  Together they will oversee Google’s proceedings as well as Life Extension project Calico and drone delivery service, Wings.

The restructuring means that Sundar Pichai will take over as CEO of Google, which is expected to be a positive move for the company overall. Yes Google is changing; but will it have an impact on how we use it? Time will tell.

Read Larry Page’s announcement in full here.

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