5 Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

The Best Marketing Newsletters Too Subscribe to

When you are not constantly tapped into the world of marketing it is difficult to stay on top of what is going on; what’s changing, what’s the same, what should you be doing to promote your business in the ever changing world of marketing?

We’ve put together a list of the best marketing newsletters so you don’t need to search for what’s new and interesting in the world business promotion.

1. Kissmetrics

If you want to stay on top of progressions in data and analytics when it comes to marketing, Kissmetrics is undoubtedly the newsletter to subscribe to.

2. Moz 

Moz is one of the most popular and consistently up to date marketing blogs out there. Their Semi Monthly newsletter is a definite must subscribe for anyone who is interested in maintaining their knowledge on SEO and developments in inbound marketing in general. Sign up here.

3. Social Media Examiner 

The Social Media Examiner is every inbound marketers’ daily read. Their newsletter is not only good to look at (it’s based on their website’s fun design) it is also filled to the brim with exclusive data, interesting marketing news and advice. You should definitely subscribe to their newsletter. 

4. Hubspot 

Hubspot is widely consider as the holy grail, or even the founder, of the concept of inbound marketing. It’s no surprise, then, that their blog and newsletter are widely read in the industry. Make sure you sign up to their newsletter if you want to stay ahead on all things content and social.

5. www.emarkable.ie 

We might be biased here, but we are the Digital Marketing Strategists who practice what we preach. We have years of experience in following trends and changes in marketing as well as daily experience actively putting these things into practice. If you want guidance and info, not to mention exclusive offers and the latest news that could impact your business. To sign up, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill in your details.

If  staying on top of new trends and essentials in marketing is not top of your list, get in touch with emarkable and we will do it for you. Call us on 01 808 1301 or email info@emarkable.ie


Richard Coen

With over 21 years of experience in Digital Marketing, 31 years in sales and 25 years in business development, Richard assists companies to develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers to achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.