Conor McGregor Marketing – What Can We Learn From The Champ?

What marketing lessons can we learn from Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor has been the man of the moment in Ireland for a long time, but by 7am Sunday 12th of July 2015 he became an utter legend across the globe.

The interim Featherweight champ has become one of the most talked about people on the planet, through his skills in the ring, yes, but also through his marketing savvy.

Is “Conor McGregor Marketing” the next best practice when it comes to plugging your business?

Here are some marketing lessons we can take from McGregor himself.

  1. Be Extravagant

More people are aware of McGregor than they are of the rules of his sport of choice. He is the number one sports-showman at the moment and that is why people are talking about him.

From wearing noticeable outfits to calling out Floyd Mayweather on American chat show Conan, McGregor has become the most talked about MMA fighter in the world.

What can we learn?: Here, McGregor has taught us that extravagance gets you noticed. Step away from the norm and what everyone else is doing in order to attract a bigger audience.

  1. Be Confident

McGregor is nothing if not confident. He openly announces that he knows he is the best at his level and has no issue in rubbing this in his opponents’ faces.

What can we learn?: Outwardly show that you are the best at what you do. No matter what your business is, don’t be afraid to tell people through clever marketing strategies that you are offering the best they can get.

  1. Have a Brand

Conor McGregor has a brand. You may not have noticed this, but he does and a lot of it comes down to his look; how he dresses.

His brand is that he is a skilled fighter with vigour and suaveness and most importantly, he sticks to it, breaking brand only once in his humble post-title-win message.  What has this earned him? Sponsorships with some of the biggest brands in the world, the world’s media scrambling at his feet and a whole host of young men striving to look like him.

What can we learn?: Create an image for your business and stay consistent. A positive, strong image that appeals to your target market will take your business further.

  1. Have the right team

McGregor will be the first to admit that he is not solely responsible for his success. He has a fantastic team of trainers and agents to back him up and to make sure that everyone is talking about him more than his opponents.

What can we learn?: Having the right people crafting the perception people have of your business is as paramount as having an appealing image and shouting about how good you are. If you aren’t getting the support from people with the right skills, how can you tap into the market?

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Words By Claire Kane. emarkable Inbound Marketing Manager 

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