The Top Five Irish Blogs we Love

Some blogs will naturally stand out to their readers.

By following basic rules, embedding relevant content and taking a proactive stance, such blogs will generate a great deal of interest.

Let’s look at our top-five picks for what we consider to be the best Irish blogs in the business.

Greenside Up

Greenside up was voted as the best “outdoors” blog in 2013 by the Irish Blog Awards. One of the reasons that Greenside Up stands out is that the content is ALWAYS fresh and the keywords are targeted to the relevant topics.


Dublin Concerts

The layout of this blog is extremely easy to navigate and its “clean” design provides readers exactly what they are looking for: information regarding the latest concerts throughout Ireland. Targeted keywords and up-to-date content round out this excellent “no-frills” resource.


One Fab Day

One Fab Day takes our top spot for an arts and culture blog. While the content is always relevant and easy to read, the use of colourful infographics, links to the best wedding dress designers and a massive social media presence have enabled One Fine Day to enjoy massive amounts of exposure.


Molly Moo

Molly Moo was voted as the best-designed blog in 2013, and for good reason. Unlike some other portals, the material loads extremely fast. There are no blind links or banner advertisements. The content is constantly rotated and an easy-to-use menus make navigation a cinch.



Forkful is our pick for the best graphically oriented blog. Their ability to combine high-quality pictures with simple culinary recipes shows that a successful blog revolves around much more than keyword content alone.


These are our five all-around winners for the best blogs in Ireland. By combining excellent content with entertaining themes and targeted presentations, visitors will remain loyal and constantly engaged.

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Richard Coen

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