Managing your web presence using Google Analytics

How are people getting to your site?  What is performing well?

Google Analytics will give you detailed statistics about your website traffic. This includes traffic sources, measures conversions and sales.

Here in Emarkable we had a look at data from January to June 2014 and this is what we found:

These statistics are based on comparative figures for 50 of our client’s sites.

The 50 selected were in alphabetical order, so a random sample was chosen, some had well over 100,000 visitors.

Traffic Sources

How do people find your site? Use Traffic Sources to evaluate the effectiveness of your referrals, direct traffic, organic (unpaid) search keywords, and custom campaigns.

Q.:Do you know the number of visitors to your site?

A: At Emarkable an average across all sites the number of organic visitors was – 57%

We often get asked by our SEO clients where they should be when it comes to the percentage of traffic coming to their website from natural search.  We don’t necessarily think there is a one-size-fits-all answer, as many factors can influence channel spend, including type of vertical, product/service type, organizational culture and more.  However, we do think that it would be helpful for many site owners to understand where one’s distribution fits relative to others in their industry.

Mobile Traffic

With the dramatic increase in use of mobile devices to access the internet, apps, social media, etc., one could assume that this figure would now be quite different. Should you build a separate mobile site, create a mobile app or implement responsive design? As mobile continues to boom and consumer preferences shift, the Mobile Traffic report helps you analyse and optimize for success.

At Emarkable the overview of an average across all sites the number of people using Mobile devices was 16% and Tablets was 10%. This was further broken down by 50% using Apple Ipad, 20% using Apple Iphones and 13% using androids.

Browser / OS

PC or Mac? Chrome or Firefox? The Browser / OS (operating system )report shows you what people are using to view your site, so you can make smarter decisions about site layout and design.


Chrome 40% 45%  Internet Explorer 22% 22% Safari 20% 10% Firefox 12 %.19%


At Emarkable an average across all sites the percentages of browsers was broken down by browser. This was then compared to the industry standards according to “” using the same time frame but using a worldwide region.
The figures are using blue text. The most noticeable difference here is the use of Safari by users viewing our customer’s sites. This is double the worldwide use of this browser.

Q. Do you know the percentage of users viewing your site on which browser?  And is your site responsive to each of these browsers?  Can your customer or potential customer view your website on a mobile device or tablet the same way they can on a desktop/laptop computer?

Q. Is it time to upgrade your site as mobile continues to boom and consumer preferences shift towards viewing websites on different browsers?


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