Improving your Online Form Conversions

We are working with a client and they are getting lots and lots of traffic – 45,000 per month in fact but conversions are low. So we focused on a few things to make conversions better.

First of all we translated the site – the target market had two languages.

We built a responsive site and then a mobile site – 60% of the traffic was tablet or mobile.


We realigned their Adwords campaign from badly structured and desktop focused to well structured, mobile friendly and focused on conversions.

We changed their search engine optimisation focus and added a range of long tailed keywords to bring in better converting traffic, the existing focused keywords invited a lot of wasteful, unproductive visitors.

We developed a social media campaign to nurture and engage the people at the earlier stages of the buying process, not ready to buy but happy to join the conversation.

We developed an email marketing list to help nurture the research leads and current clients.

We rewrote all of the content on their website and continue to test  content and layout until we get a better conversion rate.

Their conversion rate has increased by over 1000%, with these changes, over an eight month period and are hoping to double this over the next 6 months.

Talk to us about your conversion issues, there may be a range of ways that we can help.

We are always happy to answer any questions. Contact the team by phone on (01) 808 1301, or email

Richard Coen

With over 21 years of experience in Digital Marketing, 31 years in sales and 25 years in business development, Richard assists companies to develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers to achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.