Social Media Blogs and Comments

Looking for the best tips and advice on blogging and commenting? He is our best practice list of do’s and don’ts for Social Media Blogs and Comments.

Do be respectful of your audience and ensure any humor-based messages do not come across as critical or annoying.

Do provoke meaningful conversation in a professional, non-criticising manner.

Do respond to all comments in an appropriate and professional manner.

Do have a monitoring process in place for comments on your blog posts.

Do write about what you know and post about your areas of expertise. Share content that’s open-ended and invites response and encourages comments.

Do ensure that all content associated with you is consistent with your work and with your company’s values and professional standards.

Do be polite and respectful when posting comments on other people’s blog posts.

Do use a tracking system for all links (ie:

Do create a content plan for your blog and ensure consistent frequency in your blog posts.

Don’t allow content written by others (ie: staff members, copywriters, etc.) to be published to your social profile without your thorough review.

Don’t start a conversation without being ready to respond and contribute to comments.

Don’t publish criticizing posts unless done so in a constructive manner.

Don’t over moderate your comments. Allow for both positive and constructive comments to be posted.

Don’t take your company brand for granted. Acknowledge that it’s your privilege to be promoting your company brand across the social networks.

Don’t use overly pedantic or “composed” language that sounds unnatural. Talk to your readers like you would talk to real people in a professional situation.

Don’t create a blog post without considering search engine optimisation techniques (ie: use keyword rich content, titles and descriptions).

Don’t deceive your audience. All link descriptions should be relevant to the destination of the link.

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