The Power of Social Media

Online social networking is becoming increasingly prominent in today’s every day life (think how many times Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn are mentioned in a day), but how does this relate to your company?

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Inc. boasts that over 200 million users actively use Facebook.  Every interaction between the brand and the Facebook user is an advertising  opportunity.  The information provided by the users goes beyond the standard  information (age, gender, location) to a deeper level (work history, relationship status, political leanings etc.).  Brands can pinpoint through Facebook who they wish to target and create brand Facebook profiles to enable consumers on Facebook to become fans of those brands.

The Power of Social Media

The power of social media networks, like Facebook, is their innate ability to facilitate viral marketing, where words spread like an epidemic.  For example, once one user becomes a Facebook fan of your brand, this information is posted on the user’s personalised news feed  that is posted to all of the user’s Facebook friends.  Thus, one user’s action is advertised to perhaps 300 friends that may have a similar profile to the user.  The friend may become a fan, which is then fed to its friends, and so on.

The brand transcends its own marketing strategy and the actual consumer becomes the brand advocate, which further legitimizes the brand.  Social mediums such as Facebook provide a level of connectivity between consumers that is unmatched in normal

advertising avenues.

Whether your company is using Social Media or are looking to start, we will provide you with fundamental principles and general best practices on how to develop, execute and measure an effective and powerful social media strategy.

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