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Emarkable Newsletter (March 2014)

Our monthly Newsletter – March 2014

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Targeting new markets around the world. 

We, the Irish have turned our national saint’s day into a worldwide event. 27 Irish ministers and junior ministers will visit over 23 counties this weekend and Ireland is truly on the world’s agenda. 

From a marketing point of view we have to applaud Fáilte Ireland on their excellent job of marketing “Brand Ireland”. Fáilte Ireland has spoken extensively about their adoption of digital channels to reach new markets and customers. Their St. Patricks day video launched on Tuesday has already clocked up over 480,000 views around the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wmIZEl1nSo

Digital opens up new markets for Irish business and it is a cost effective, low risk way to enter new markets. 

We have worked with many companies in developing a presence in UK and other markets. If you are thinking of entering a new market, talk to us and let us work with you to exploit the potential of new markets.

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Fáilte Ireland embraces Digital Marketing to target new audiences. 

Kudos goes to Fáilte Ireland for capturing the essence of positivity in their latest video for St. Patricks Day in a campaign called #irelandinspires. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wmIZEl1nSo.

After just one day the video has already had over 270,000 views. Ireland, this week will be talked about and celebrated worldwide. So the challenge is to exploit this goodwill to attract more visitors to Ireland this year.  

For a small country exiting a recession the job of attracting visitors to Ireland has become a challenging business. Fáilte Ireland have worked hard on ensuring that the product is correct but this is just the first step. Getting markets around the world to engage is the next.


How to expand your brand into the international world online.
Great article from Smart Insights on How to expand your brand into the international world on line.  Locatisation v’s standardisation is always the hot topic.  Understanding your customer and how they work in their local markets will deliver the best results.


Specialized Travel Services

Our Client Specialized Travel Services, based in the USA, are marketing Ireland to US travellers. Read how they use SEO marketing to meet their business objectives.

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Tweets of the Month Here are some of our favourite tweets this month…“Exports to the UK from Ireland are the highest they have ever been.”

“65% of Irish users now say that TV is on in background while other devices are used as the 1st screen.”

“Cork startup takes home top award at SXSW competition.”

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