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Emarkable Newsletter (February 2014)

Our monthly Newsletter – February 2014

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Do we always show customers the love?

On February 14th our attention focuses on being with the ones we love. 

What about those wonderful people who pay your bills? Whether you call them clients, customers, patients, members, or some other term, now is a great time to think of ways to love them more.

The No. 1 reason why customers leave or do not engage is the feeling of indifference toward a product or service.

So keeping in touch is critical.  So what’s the best way?  It depends on your objectives, who your audience is and what stage of the sales cycle they are at.

Developing an effective contact strategy that aligns with your sales process is critical.  If you need some help to develop or enhance your contact strategy call us on 057 8645524057 8645524 or email me on richard@emarkable.ie.

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Find out more about how to stay in contact with your clients through digital marketing practices
QUIZ: Are you ‘Relationship Selling’?

Relationship selling is a concept based on developing long term relationships with clients to provide long term revenue opportunities. Are you using relationship selling in your business? 

Most businesses are using personal selling and a lot of face time to sell products and maintain relationships but using Digital Marketing can help develop your nurturing activities. This is a short quiz that will help provide a focus for your activity.


How to make your customers love you
New customers are great. It’s the start of a new relationship, it’s exciting and challenging. So how do we ensure that we are putting enough effort into our existing customers? How do we not lose the customers we have while also growing your business?The number one reason why customers leave is the feeling of indifference toward a product or service. When we focus on just getting it done and not engaging enough with our customers they are ripe to leave.  All it may take is a minor issue to be the tipping point and the customer is lost.


Lead Nurturing using Digital Marketing
Are you nurturing leads and clients in your digital marketing campaigns? You should be.Lead nurturing is becoming a standard practice among the best companies. Lead nurturing is the process of moving your leads through the sales pipeline with targeted messages intended to gain trust, understand your prospects better, and generate higher close rates.


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Richard Coen

With over 17 years experience in Digital Marketing, 25 years in sales and 22 years business development, Richard assists companies develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.