Email Marketing list building

An email marketer’s ability to build a list of interested, targeted subscribers directly correlates with his/her success.

In fact, among the people I’ve spoken with about unsuccessful email campaigns, I’d say 50% (if not more) cite the inability to build a list as the #1 reason the campaign did not go well.

I realise this makes list-building sound intimidating. To some people, it is intimidating.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet one of the factors that’s kept you from using email Marketing to date is the concern that it might be hard to build a list.

I want to help.

At its core, list-building isn’t rocket science: you offer to email something of value to people coming to your website and they sign up.

The details, of course, are in how you go about offering that something of value.

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Richard Coen

With over 21 years of experience in Digital Marketing, 31 years in sales and 25 years in business development, Richard assists companies to develop key growth strategies on a local or international basis. He can assist marketers to achieve balance in their approach to key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.